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Protecting the Future of Wild Atlantic Salmon

River Notes Updates Salmon Runs

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ASF has launched River Notes as a convenient way for viewers to update on salmon run numbers, on river conditions, and to find interesting insights from travel in the world of the wild Atlantic salmon.

Go to: http://atlanticsalmonfederation.org/rivernotes/ for the updates


Live Release Survey Results Released

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ATLANTIC SALMON ANGLERS - Your Views on Catch and Release are Important!

There was great interest in the Atlantic Salmon Federation's live release survey, with 802 responses!

ASF appreciates the consideration given by so many Atlantic salmon anglers to answering this questionnaire. Many individuals gave a great deal of thought to their answers and that makes the survey response especially valuable.

We also wish to congratulate Richard Allen of Amherst, NS, who was the winner of the live release survey draw. He won a framed limited-edition copy of the painting, "Restigouche Evening," by Bruno Bobak.

The survey results have been tabulated, and an article based on the responses has just appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of the Atlantic Salmon Journal. The article is available below in .pdf format.

Atlantic Salmon Journal article on results of the live release survey - online viewing pdf | single-page printing pdf

Tabulated Results of the Live Release Survey - EN | FR

Views expressed by anglers on release of grilse - pdf

Comments of respondents on topics covered in the survey - pdf

Link to the online survey (results no longer being registered) - eng | fr

Status of the Salmon Populations

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) reported in May 2010 a great decline in grilse returns to North American rivers. There was 248,000 fewer small salmon returning in 2009 compared with 2008, making 2009 the lowest return since 1994. Download 2010 State of the Population backgrounder

One year decline of small salmon compared with the previous year:

  • Labrador: 56%
  • Newfoundland: 27%
  • Quebec: 40%
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence: 63%
  • Scotia-Fundy: 72%
  • USA: 70%


Live Release Photos

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Keeping the Atlantic salmon in the water is a key to successfully releasing the fish in good condition.


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