A New Live Release Video for Wild Atlantic Salmon


Geneviève-Fournier-releases-the-star-of-the-show-Grande-Rivière R

In New Brunswick the 2013 Atlantic salmon angling season is already here, and elsewhere it will be starting before too long.  To go with it there is a great brand new video that lets anglers check their live release techniques.

When the Atlantic Salmon Federation conducted a survey of anglers a few years ago, asking what tool would be most useful, a good video of the best techniques for live release was the top response.

Late last summer this project came together with ASF, FQSA, and the Quebec government working together to start the project, and today, on April 20, 2013 the video sees the light of day.

Live release contributes to greater spawning success and healthier salmon runs, and is an important way anglers can contribute to conservation of the species.

For the long term, bookmark the page on ASF’s website that is home for the Live Release video. There are links there for the French version, as well as to a site to DOWNLOAD a high resolution (720p) version of the video to your own computer. That page is:

Share the video, and get out word it exists.


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5 Responses to A New Live Release Video for Wild Atlantic Salmon

  1. Stephen Haazer says:

    Great video! I have had the pleasure of fishing the York river,in Gaspe with Genvieve not only does she have a great compassion for the sport, but is dedicated to the well being of the salmon and their enviroment. Every fisherman should watch this video.

  2. Junior says:

    Well done! It’s an important issue to introduce new anglers too as well as remind salmon fishing veterans!

  3. Adam Rolland says:

    A good effort on this very important issue. I would have also liked to see a short summary at the end to re-emphasize the most important things to remember. Also, more could be said /shown on how to handle larger salmon alone or from a canoe as opposed to with a guide along shore.

  4. What a marvelous movie for the gentleman fisher man !!Please sharing with your contact!!!

  5. Bev Gaston says:

    great job ,great video must be widely shared to all anglers .

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