Waiting for the Big Event

Angling season may be winding down, but there have been some gorgeous days this fall. And the big event on the radar, spawning time, will hopefully result in success for this king of fish in the years ahead.

One cannot but share the joy of Jim Lawley on the Grand Cascapadia River (below) as he releases a salmon a couple of weeks ago. Conditions may be wet and cold, but that doesn’t factor into the joy of the event.

Jim Lawley releases salmon on Cascapedia.

Jim Lawley releases an Atlantic salmon on the Grand Cascapedia in late September, 2013.

Our friends at Hooké have also been playing in the Cascapedia this fall, and have come up with a great video that provides a sense of youthful exuberance. Worth watching a few times.

New Brunswick

Dungarvon Count on Southwest Miramichi to Oct. 6.

Dungarvon Count on Southwest Miramichi to Oct. 6.

Southwest Miramichi – A little bit of rain has helped to create conditions for a wonderful finale to the season. The fish are definitely there, to be seen in the pools and moving upstream.

The Dungarvon Trap has counted 259 large salmon to Oct. 6, far ahead of last year’s low number of 118. Grilse are up somewhat, but not enough. To Oct. 6 222 were counted this year vs. 157 in 2012.

With the leaves brightly coloured and the weather sensational this week, it would be a wonderful time just to spend along the banks of the river. Besides, it is the last weekend of the season, which ends next Tuesday.

Northwest Miramichi – Numbers continue to rise, with 220 large salmon to Oct. 6, vs 134 last year, and 194 grilse vs 190 in 2012.

Jacquet River – The histogram below tells the story. A very curious drop in Grilse numbers, but a rise in the large salmon numbers so typical of rivers around the Gulf of St. Lawrence this year.

Jacquet River count to Oct. 6, 2013.Saint John River – DFO has the Sept. 30 numbers, which remain at critically low levels. There were 126 large salmon to that date in 2013, vs. 104 in 2012. As to grilse, there were 286 in 2013, vs. 84 in 2011. These numbers are just the smallest fraction of the conservation minimum for this once mighty salmon river.

Nashwaak – In 2013 to Sept. 30 there were 38, exactly the same count to the same date last year. For grilse, things are slightly better, with 54 counted to Sept. 30 vs. 16 last year. These are very low numbers.

Magaguadavic – This outer bay river has had three large salmon and three grilse to Sept. 30, vs. two large salmon, total, in 2012. Besides the problem of low numbers of wild salmon, there have been 71 aquaculture escapees  attempting to enter the system this year, the highest number since 2001.

Let’s Hear it for NB Liquor and its staff!

NB Liquor’s Protect Our Rivers – Protégeons nos rivières sale raised $135,000 for river conservation in New Brunswick. ALL of that amount is available to projects created by community groups, First Nations and others in 2014. This would not be possible without the support of NB liquor store staff and managers, so the program, plus the support by Picaroons with their Upstream Ale has made a difference.

UPSTREAM ALE by Picaroons

UPSTREAM ALE by Picaroons

Nova Scotia

Northumberland Strait Rivers – We have to hand it to Jamie Caddick of Chasing Silver Fly & Tackle Shop in Truro for encouraging live release in these rivers. Here is his offer:


Jamie Caddick, owner of  Chasing Silver Fly & Tackle Shop, Truro, is holding their first annual “TAG A PRIZE NOT A FISH” contest. Turn in your unused 2013 Atlantic Salmon Tags in early ** and have your name put in a draw for weekly prizes. Each draw will be for a dozen salmon flies plus a $25 Gift Certificate.
** you must keep one tag to be able to legally fish
Draw Dates:
Week 1 – Saturday Oct. 12
Week 2 – Saturday Oct. 19
Week 3 – Saturday Oct. 26

***** Grand Prize Draw – Nov. 16 *****

$75 Gift Certificate plus 10% off all merchandise until closing time on Dec 31 2013
NOTE** to be eligible for the grand prize draw you must drop off or mail in 3 of your unused salmon tags by Oct. 12, and your last unused tag must be turned in by 6:00 pm on Nov. 15

Please send your tags to:
Jamie Caddick
Chasing Silver Fly & Tackle Shop,
572 Prince Street,
Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 1G3

West River Pictou in September 2013. Photo J. Caddick

West River Pictou in September 2013. Photo J. Caddick


LaHave – Morgan Falls has counted 109 large salmon and 74 grilse to Sept. 30 vs 35 large salmon and 28 grilse in 2012. These numbers may still be low, but the level of improvement is encouraging.

Margaree – As in other areas, low water and rain is badly needed. Fishing is slow but steady, with a few salmon being hooked, landed and released.


Penobscot – On October 10 (today) the Eddington side of the Veazie Dam was breached, and the river flowed over a basic riverbed for the first time in two centuries. Definitely another milestone in the restoration of the Penobscot River.

Oct. 10 - Eddington side cofferdam removed.

Oct. 10 – Eddington side cofferdam removed on the Veazie Dam removal project.

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