Our Own Festival of Salmon Movie Shorts

As high definition personal video has become the norm, and YouTube and Vimeo become end points for distribution, the quality of Atlantic salmon videos has soared. In fact this year has seen many top notch short videos – those less than 10 minutes that may tell a short story in the medium or perhaps give an emotional, impressionistic vision of rivers and wild Atlantic salmon.

The styles have varied, and ingenuity in filming, editing and audio track have given each effort unique qualities. Whether each succeeds is your decision to make.

Below is one of the new videos brought to our attention. Entitled Breaking the Surface, it has exquisite slow motion clips of salmon leaping thundering waterfalls, of aerial views showing patterns a salmon river makes in the forest, and all is done in the vast wilderness of Labrador.

See links at the bottom of the blog post for a few other video shorts that caught our attention this year. Undoubtedly there will be entirely new and creative video gems appearing next season.

River Reports

Nova Scotia

Northumberland Strait Rivers – By all accounts the fishing has been excellent this past week. This is what Danny Ripley has to say:

Fishing has been hot.  I guided four of the last five days on the Philip and we hooked 13 fish and lost another eight and we saw many more.  We had a big rain last night.  River is unfishable today (Wed. Oct. 23).

River Philip on Wednesday morning. Photo Cindy Homans-Creighton

River Philip on Wednesday morning. Photo Cindy Homans-Creighton

From Jamie Caddick the word is also that waters are rising fast and have turned chocolate in colour. It seems that it will be a few days until things settle down again, but the Atlantic salmon are coming in.

Gary Robar on the Wallace

Gary Robar with a nice salmon on the Wallace. Photo Jamie Caddick

Northeast Margaree river levels as of noon, Thurs. Oct. 24

Northeast Margaree river levels as of noon, Thurs. Oct. 24

Margaree – The Margaree appears to have slowed down a bit in the fishing action, but a little more rain (see graph below) will help. Lewis Hinks of ASF notes that the Baddeck and Middle Rivers are two other Cape Breton rivers doing well.


New Brunswick

Miramichi – The final DFO counts for both Northwest and Main Southwest Miramichi are now in. Here are the numbers:

Main Southwest Miramichi – The Dungarvon Barrier has had salmon coming in this past week. As of Oct. 20, there were 292 large salmon, vs 135 in 2012. Also, 244 grilse vs 169 in 2012. Definitely an improvement.

Main Southwest Miramichi salmon count to Oct. 20.

Main Southwest Miramichi salmon count to Oct. 20.

Northwest Miramichi – There have been 252 large salmon counted at the NW Miramichi barrier to Oct. 20, vs 163 in 2012. Grilse are about equal to last year, with 240 in 2013 and 238 in 2012.


Penobscot – The removal of the Veazie Dam continues. To see the latest photos, taken Oct. 10, click here. Below is a spectacular crop of what is happening at the very tip of the cofferdam.

Veazie Dam - Oct. 10

Veazie Dam, Eddington side – Oct. 10, 2013.

A few of the videos we have noticed since May:

Live Release techniques, from ASF and FQSA, with assistance of the Quebec Government. Great for improving your live release skills, and beautiful to watch.

Dave Adams’ wonderful Gaspe river video

Autumn on the Cascapedia with Hooké.


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