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River Notes provides updates on Atlantic salmon runs, field research and travels in the world of the wild Atlantic salmon.

The wild Atlantic salmon’s world is dynamic, and  many things change every year, and in some cases day by day. River temperatures and water levels, ocean temperatures along migration routes are just a few of the variables that affect the Atlantic salmon.

In addition there is a rich, vibrant culture surrounding the Atlantic salmon, its rivers and its biology. Travel to where Atlantic salmon live and you will find much that is fascinating.

We plan to bring you reports on the rivers, on the salmon runs, and on the places where Atlantic salmon live through this blog. Check the blog regularly to keep up to date.


5 Responses to About River Notes

  1. Glenn T Corl,Plattsburgh, NY says:

    ah to be on the hatchery pool on the Margaree this time of year that’s heaven.

  2. William Emmet says:

    Returned from Southwest Miramichi (below Blackville bridge) after three days fishing for black salmon on May 11. Although the river was high and muddy from the late icemelt, my wife and I were able to bring six good size salmon – one over 20 lbs – and 1 grilse to boat before, of course, releasing all. However, we seem to have had more luck than others as we saw only two other hook-ups. Not much fishing pressure that we could see. Our thanks to the two guides who were able to put us in good pools.

  3. tom hickie says:

    Salmon fishers or at least the ones that belong to the various associations must be extreme optimists or deluded. Great returns meant that the river achieved 37% of the conservation level is a good example. Salmon fishers have seen this great fish disappear over the last three decades and they talk about cormorants and seals and striped bass as the problem. We need to look around and see what we have done to the eco system that provides habitat for all aquatic species. The forests in eastern Canada have been extensively logged and this has impacted the water quality. If you love salmon you will lobby for a change in logging practices, larger buffer zones and less clear cuts.

  4. Hi River Notes,
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at the Swedish national anglers association (Sportfiskarna) when wanting an anglers perspective about salmon runs in Baltic rivers in Sweden and Finland. I work specifically with this subject and will be able to give a more definitive picture of catches and runs.
    Kind regards,
    Glenn Douglas
    e-mail to glenn.douglas@sportfiskarna.se

  5. John R. S. Fisher says:

    River Notes is perfect for keeping all salmon fishermen aware of their wider world. We sometimes only are aware of the rivers we are most familiar with while those farther afield have an equally compelling story. Thanks for making this happen. JF

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