Become Psychology expert in USA (MS in Psychology
in USA)

Psychology is a term which is new to some people but not to all.
Psychology is field in which students learn about the people’s mind and
his behavior. This study is dedicated to studying the mind, different
processes of brain, mental functions and behavior of person. This also
includes study of a person’s feelings, behavior, motivation, emotions,
conscious and unconscious behavior. Psychology is a field of science
which is now emerging and has high scope in future. In this field,
students are taught about human behavior and how his mind works.
Students has to study human mind by researches, case studies and most
important through analysis. Psychology has a wide range of involvement
in industries like health care, nursing, medical science, relationships,
professional growth, personal development and many more. Nowadays,
as current lifestyle of people is becoming complex, unhealthy and more
people becoming aware about mental health issues, demand of
psychological experts is getting higher. So, if you’re interested in this
field, then this is the perfect time for making a career out of it. Many
students have dream to study in US as USA has one of the best
educational institutes in the world. So, making a career in psychology
in USA is the best option. According to your condition you can opt for
different levels like bachelors in psychology in USA or masters in
psychology in USA. You can also choose to study PhD psychology in

Best Universities for Psychology in USA:
United states’ universities are among top universities when it comes to
the field of psychology. Universities provide various psychology
courses in USA for international students. US is considered best
country to study abroad for Indian students because there are many

financial help and study abroad scholarships given to students. Here are
some top universities in US for studying psychology:
Stanford University:
Stanford is one of the best universities to study psychology in US.
Stanford is leading the list of best psychology schools in US and has
been in top rankings. It is renowned for its psychology department and
their world-famous researches. Stanford psychology department provide
psychology programs at bachelor, masters and PhD level. They have
five major field of research in university
 Cognitive
 Development
 Neuroscience
 Affective science
 Social science
Fees of psychology program at Stanford varies for different courses like
for undergraduate program it will cost around $55,473 whereas for
master’s course fees is $54,321.

Harvard University:
when it comes to best psychology universities in US, Harvard
university always shines in the list. Similarly, Psychology school of
Harvard is also one of the top psychology schools in the US. But
getting into Harvard requires top level grades, good test scores and
research experience. Harvard alumni has one of the top scientists in the
field of psychology like Mary W. Calkins, Edward Tolman and many
more. This is best university for MS in psychology in USA. Fees for
masters in psychology in Harvard university is approximately $51,904.
Scholarships for international students are also provided like Microsoft

Tuition Scholarship and TEC scholarship. Harvard psychology
department provides four major fields in masters in psychology
 Cognitive brain and behavior (CBB)
 Experimental psychopathology or clinical science
 Social psychology
 Development psychology
University of California- Berkeley:
University of California is ranked among top 5% institutes for
psychology in US. If you want to study psychology in US then this is the
right choice for you. Getting admission in UC Berkeley is highly
competitive and only few candidates who are ranked top are provided
admission. They provide three majors in psychology at graduate level
 Bachelors of Arts (BA) Psychology
 Bachelors of Science (BS) Psychobiology
 Bachelor of Science (BS) Cognitive Science
UC Berkeley provide six area of specialization in psychology to its
 Clinical Science
 Social-Personality Psychology
 Cognition
 Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience
 Developmental
 Cognitive Neuroscience
Princeton University:
In the rankings for best psychology major schools among all over the
world, Princeton University is ranked at 23 rd number and in the United
States, it ranked among top 5% for best psychology schools in US. For
clinical psychology masters USA, Princeton university is one of the

best options. Clinical psychology is considered one of the best
psychology courses in USA. Princeton acceptance is also very low such
as 5.6% which makes it difficult to get admission. Masters of
psychology in Princeton provides specialization in various fields like
 Cognitive neuroscience
 Behavior Economics
 Psychology of inequality
 System neuroscience
 Social neuroscience
 Social psychology
 Developmental psychology
 Language, learning and memory
 Perception and cognition
Fees for masters in psychology in Princeton university costs
approximately $56,061. Students are also provided financial aid in forms
of fellowships, scholarships and assistantships. They also help students
with financial and study loans to help the costs of their tuition fees and
living expenses.
Yale University:
Being ranked at number 2 in ranking for best schools for psychology in
USA, Yale is among 1% of the psychology departments in the nation.
Yale provide psychology courses at both undergraduate and graduate
level. They also provide research experience to undergraduate students
which helps them in understanding the concept effectively. They also
provide PhD in psychology and every year around 15 students get
enrolled in Yale’s PhD department. There are mainly five major fields in
psychology in Yale’s psychology department such as:
 Neuroscience
 Cognitive Psychology

 Social or Personality Psychology
 Developmental psychology
 Clinical psychology
They also provide seminars and webinars for students and faculty of the
psychology department, which helps them to learn the concept more

Conclusion: Psychology is one of the major fields of science and is
emerging at very high rate. this is one the best time to start career in
psychology and US is among best countries to study abroad. There are
some best psychology courses in US and best psychology schools in
US. There are many studies abroad scholarships provided for the
psychology courses in USA for international students. So, seek for an
overseas education consultant and start your preparation for career in
psychology in US.

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