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River Cruise Biking Tips | All You Need to Know!

River cruise biking has been an appealing trend since 2018. Even the on-shore experience has evolved, and the proof of it is the cycling river cruises and the excursions. Some experiences are part of being aboard on the ships carrying own bicycle fleets while some have been part of the amazing cycling shore excursions. Cycling-themed river cruises are hosted and guests, they come aboard for cycling around, as their main purpose. Cycling in between ports of call is also allowed, where the guests choose ship re-boarding later on the next stop.

Below mentioned are ways for enjoying the European river cruise. Checkout for more details.

Onboard bicycles

Complimentary for use bicycles are provided to the onboard guests for making their voyage enjoyable. The cycles can also be used for independent tours. The onboard program manager of the ship is there to assist with route planning, for all levels of experience.

The availability of bicycles is there onboard, but some river cruise lines do not carry more than a dozen of it, so it is advisable for resolving one beforehand.

Guided cycling excursions

Some cruise lines take the river cruise biking to another level by offering guided cycling excursions that are tailor-made and appealing. For providing every detail about the particular excursion, the onboard program managers are there to guide. Every detail is provided by them to ensure that the guests can choose the options with confidence and assurance. These excursions are an exception to the onboard bicycle cruise.

Voyages- Cycling-themed

Cycling-themed voyages are provided, and AmaWaterways (partnered with Backroads) has been at the forefront of the initiative. Together they ensure that the cycling journey can be immersive for all (couples, solo travelers, and families). Everyone on board, are the guests who are specifically there for cycling. For carrying out cycling excursions partnering with the trek travel, it is also an important part. On such cruises, the travelers get an opportunity for biking, to hike, and also to explore around.

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River cruises that are best for bicyclists

Pondering over, what lies beyond those riverbanks, inevitably European river cruising is as such. Many cruise lines give passengers to explore the realms of pleasure. One can join a guided excursion all the way to the countryside or enjoy a bike tour within the cruise choices to discover new places in a fun and healthy way, cycling.

So based upon the details, some bike-cruise choices, which can be the best picks for your next trip, are- AmaWaterways, Uniworld Boutique river cruise collection, scenic cruises, Emerald Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Tauck River cruises, vantage deluxe world travel, A-Rosa cruises and alike.

Avalon encourages two wheels of freedom with itineraries of a bike-friendly river cruise.

One on-trend activity, this is what cycling is for the folks sailing across the European rivers and Avalon waterways. Sixteen bikes fleets are carried by the specialist of a river cruise on all of its ships. It can be borrowed by the guests free of cost, and they explore the guided cycle tours, which is complimentary. These voyages are conducted on voyages along the Rhone, Danube, and Rhine.

In these bike-friendly towns, guests are allowed to do their own things. They can even explore the villages, cycle through the national parks and cities, and alike, by an easy opting amidst the cruises (Company’s dedicated active discoveries).

Rhone in France- part of active discovery cruise

Different perspective kicks in with the choice made. Wonderful sites are a part of these trips, which are made into the wild Camargue Nature Park while searching for the pink flamingos, stocky black bulls, and the white horses.

With a trip as such, one gets two steps back in history while riding along the Limes cycle route that runs along the 2nd century AD Roman empire Northern border. Apart from this, the route goes around, from the North Sea to the Black sea. Many other things will be seen here on the bike ride, which includes discovery, breaks, and best of food, timely.

Cycling cruises

On a river cruise, bicycling has become a trend, as said before, with the increasing number of people discovering the country and being full of fun and energy. Specifically, in Europe, there are many towns and cities that are bike-friendly, and the rivers have riverside paths that are leveled for allowing cycling and walking around.

Some of the cruises also offer biking plus options for one to choose from. The concerned manager provides maps and backpacks that can help one move around and explore while riding down the areas connected with road trip routes.

Cruises which have bikes

Celebrity, NCL, and alike, allow one to bring the folding bike onboard for use at the port. However, the hitch here is that these are to be stored in one’s own stateroom. Some cruises like Windstar Cruises make transportation of several bicycles of its own easy and allow the guest to rent them in most of the ports.

The one main thing to remember is that all river cruise lines are not created equally, which is why the points mentioned earlier will guide you and motivate you to cycle and be a part of the active voyages that are gaining popularity.

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