Things you don’t know about routers | The Ultimate Guide

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Having devices and being unaware of its usage is quite common at times if one is not updated with technology. The same appears with the Routers that exist in a room like a flashing box. But that doesn’t mean one can’t learn its use and the below-mentioned guide will take care of it.


This is a device that allows more than one device to connect the internet, at the same time. The device is responsible for maintaining ongoing communication between computer networks.

Do not confuse a router with a modem. However, one cannot use a router without a modem for connecting the internet. Routers can be wired & wireless (uses radio signals). Use either, the main work of a router will always be, splitting from the modem, internet signals so that multiple devices can be internet-connected simultaneously.

Routers and the security

For the network, routers act as security’s first line, often. Firmware is installed in most of the Routers, which allows them to remain updated as per the latest threats and attempt to destroy any threats before any damage is caused. Some routers have firewalls for protection against internet threats, while some that offer Wi-Fi do have an inbuilt security system to prevent it from being hacked.

Either way, security varies from the device. So, it’s advisable to connect with an expert before buying a router based on the requirement.

Tips for buying a Router

The router generally comes as a part of the package provided by the Wi-Fi service provider, but it’s advisable to shift for a better one, to ensure the best use of Wi-Fi. But, do consider the following tips before spending further.

  • Speed- It’s better to avoid the temptation of buying a router with speed, and look at the internet limit you have. Ensure the router to be faster enough to ensure better use of the available internet.
  • Features- Content blocking, gaming designed for faster and lag-free connection, and alike, routers come with features to make life easy. So buy, as per the need. For a faster and steamless gaming experience, we recommend purchasing a gaming modem for yourself.
  • Range- Consider it as per your home, size, and layout. The bigger the house, the higher the ranged router you might need, for extending usage to the access points.
  • Style- As the router won’t remain hidden in a cupboard, ensure to get one, which can be an everyday blend.
  • Brand- Ensure to buy a router of reputable names. Check reviews before you get one.

Things that can be done using routers

  • Internet curfews can be scheduled in advance.
  • Certain websites can be blocked to make internet family-friendly.
  • Unwanted devices can be easily blocked.
  • Guests can have a new Wi-Fi network (Guest Network) based on their bandwidth requirements.
  • Files can be shared easily across the local area network.
  • Using a smartphone, the network can be remotely managed.

Best place for setting a Router

Central location/optimum spot should be found for setting up a Router to ensure the internet’s uninterrupted use. Ensure to keep other electronics away.

However, if you are still facing connectivity issues, reposition the router antenna angle to allow it to switch to a Wi-Fi channel that is different from the one already in use.

Resetting Router

If you wish to reset the router due to trouble using its functions normally, you can reach out to the reset button on the router and hold it down for around 20 seconds using a paperclip. Resetting will remove from the Router’s memory/local storage temporary files, making it function better and faster.

The router, if it still doesn’t function better, check if it is not in any location, where the signals are getting blocked by the doors or walls.

Protecting the Router

It makes the Wi-Fi network stronger and also adds longevity to it. If you feel, that the router has been compromised (login doesn’t work or unauthorized installation on device),

  • The default username of the router should be changed immediately.
  • The stronger password to be created.

To recover a hacked Router, one can reboot, update, or turn on the guest network.


A computer network’s vital part, this is what a Router functions as. It allows successful communications at home or within the office network. So, it makes it important to connect with a specialist before buying a Router, which holds such an important purpose in our day to day, work, and personal lives.

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